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Born in Arvika, Sweden 1986. Life gives me happiness, and I live and love my family in Karlstad, Sweden today. In 1998 I got my first computer. My father bought me an Compaq 4/86. It was really something. I was not the kind of kid who loved games on a computer, and a Compaq 4/86 with Windows NT on it would not make butterflies fly in your stomach either.

I knew there was something called HTML. I just did not know how to apply it, or where to use it on my computer. I borrowed books from the library and learnt how to create we sites.

In 1999 I bought a new computer. It had a Pentium 2 600 Mhz processor with 64 MB RAM and a 21 GB hard drive. It blew my mind. Just as Adobe Photoshop. Macromedia Flash and PaintShop Pro did. I spent nights praying my mother would not hear the 51 KB modem phone frequenzy noise so I could keep downloading all kinds of software from the web.

In 2002 my father made a great deal at work. He started leasing a IBM with a 2,2 Ghz processor, 512 MB RAM and a 111 GB hard drive! The games you could play. The software you could use. The speed and space was overwhelming.

Except for the internet connection.

Nothing never came for free in our house (and maybe that was a good thing). The following year I convinced my mum and dad to buy a ADSL modem. Mum could call anyone during my time at the web and dad would no longer raise an eyebrow about the costs for long download time.

In 2006 i had saved money for a new computer. A computer I really started to like during my education. An Apple Imac. When I dropped the bomb to my mother that I had spent 24 000 SEK on a computer, 2,2 Ghz PowerPC processor, 1024 MB RAM and a 500 GB hard drive did not ment squad.

I did get my computer anyway.

Today I work with PC, Mac or Linux to discover or learn new software.


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